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ADT Home Security in Connecticut

ADT Home Security When you think of home security companies, the first firm that likely comes to mind is ADT, and with good reason... with six million customers, it is the largest home and business security company in the United States and Canada. The company offers a variety of services to suit your needs, and is an excellent option when you finally decide it is time to protect your home and family get an alarm system.

ADT home alarm systems are the bread and butter of the company, the service on which it made its reputation. ADT will come to your house and install a top notch security system for you. Then for a monthly fee its operators will monitor your system so that if the worst case scenario comes to pass and someone breaks into your house, the monitor will call the police, and in minutes help will be at your doorstep; you, your family and your possessions will be protected.

burglar alarm system The company is up to date on the latest technology. ADT wireless security protects your house without running wires all over the place, knocking holes in your walls and ceilings in the process. Your ADT installer will place sensors near doors, windows and other entry points. If motion is detected while the ADT wireless home security is armed, the sensors will send a signal to a control panel, which will sound the alarm and alert the monitoring center.

ADT alarm systems can also include medical alert features. Many elderly people who live alone or with their similarly aged spouses have such systems so that in the event of a fall or another medical emergency, they can simply press a button on a necklace or bracelet and communicate with a monitor. If the situation warrants it, the operator will then send an ambulance to your home and hopefully divert a tragedy. Such a system offers peace of mind that seniors are not really alone... someone has their back. It also could ease the concerns of the children of parents who insist on living alone that if something does happen, ADT security is just the press of a button away.

You can go visit the ADT website to check for ADT deals, discounts, or offers, as well as compare all of the various services it provides. Remember, not everyone needs the same type of security. You will be able to tailor your ADT home security to meet your specific needs.

Comparing ADT to competitors is also easy to do. Just visit the web site U.S. Home Security Quotes to compare the services ADT provides to those of other top companies. You can also compare prices to find a system that fits into your budget, which is so important in these difficult financial times.

There are many homeowners out there who say I do not need an alarm system. What are the odds my house is broken into? Well, the odds are relatively small, but still, is that a chance you want to take? ADT home alarm systems help brings those odds down to zero.

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