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Home Safety Guide Questions & Answers

When and where do burglaries mostly happen?

opening quoteThe summer months experience the highest # of robberies with the winter months the lowest. Burglars tend to act in the mornings thru the afternoons.closing quote

What are the different types of emergencies?

opening quoteIn addition to burglaries, flood, medical, fire, earthquake, and any other natural calamity all qualify as emergencies.closing quote

What is the difference between home insurance and home security system?

opening quoteHome insurance is a type of insurance you get for your home to compensate you for any losses after a disaster. A home security system is a series of electronic devices that send out a distress notification at the advent of an emergency.closing quote

What is the difference between burglary and robbery?

opening quoteWith a robbery, a theft or larceny needs to occur. With a burglary, unlawful breaking and entering is all that is required.closing quote

Can I save money on my home insurance if I have a home security system?

opening quoteThe short answer is yes but you will need to talk to your provider about discounts.closing quote

Is it easy to install a home security system if I want to do it myself?

opening quoteWe recommend you discuss the procedure with your provider before electing to install it on your own. In addition to full professionally installed home alarm systems, get a free quote today to ask about DIY or Do-It-Yourself securtiy systems. closing quote

What should I do with my valuables?

opening quote'Burglar-proof' your valuables so that they are secure. Purchase a safe or store them in a safe deposit box.closing quote

What do I do if the burglar has a gun?

opening quoteDO NOTHING! If the burglar has a gun, appease them as you do not want to get anyone shot. Remember, they can be more nervous than you.closing quote

My neighbors got robbed. What should I do?

opening quoteStay vigilant and organize a neighborhood watch. If the offender decides to come back, you will be ready with numbers.closing quote

Should renters get home security?

opening quoteIt depends. We recommend it if you spend a lot of money on your valuables. In addition, renters insurance is definitely something you should look into if you do not have it. It's very inexpensive and can save you a lot of money in case of a break-in.closing quote

What is the average price for a home security system?

opening quoteHome Security Systems start at about $30/mo. and can go as high as $100.closing quote

Top 10 Home Security Tips

burglar alarm

Home Safety Tip #1

Understand the burglar mentality
Why do burglars rob? what is their motivation? What do they look like? How could they get into your house? What time of day would they if they could? Where do most burglaries take place? These are a few of the myriad of questions you need to ask and answer for yourself when securing your house. .
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Home Safety Tip #2

Always lock your doors and windows
Intruders are always looking for an easy way into your home or business. As a precautionary measure, always lock all doors and windows in your house when no one is present. If you want additional security, secure your windows with double locks, install deadbolt locks on your doors, and purchase solid doors.
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Home Safety Tip #3

Get an alarm system and use it.
Many homeowners or business owners purchase security systems but do not turn them on when they leave for the day or sleep. Remember the reason you have it: To protect you, your family, customers, and valuables.

Home Safety Tip #4

Compare quotes before purchasing and save money.
There are many different service providers, installation methods, pricing plans, etc that you can choose. Do you your homework prior to purchasing a plan so you can save money in the long run.
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Home Safety Tip #5

Setup a safe room in your house.
A safe room is a place all family members know to go to in case of an emergency. Store at least a 2-4 week supply of food, water, batteries, and supplies. Also, be prepared and have all emergency numbers readily accessible.

Home Safety Tip #6

Stay Vigilant in your area.
Keep a lookout for any unsavory or suspicious characters in your neighborhood or business complex. If you observe unusual behavior, eg a person sitting outside your house for over an hour in their car, notify the police as soon as possible. In addition, talk with your neighbors and organize a community watch where all of you work together to keep the neighborhood safe.
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Home Safety Tip #7

Keep only what is necessary.
In case of natural and fire emergencies, keep only what you can. Its imperative you get yourself and your family to safety. Valuables come and go but you only get 1 family in your life.
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Home Safety Tip #8

Landscape and light your property to burglar-proof it.
Lush landscapes and dim to no lighting are a burglar ideal setting. When lighting your house, liberally install large, bright lights where necessary. Also, pare down your landscaping around the entrances to your house. Finally, consider adding a chain fence around your property so that neighbors view into it.
burglary alarm

Home Safety Tip #9

Create Daily Security Habits with your Alarm System.
It's important to get in the habit of locking your doors and putting on your alarm system everytime you leave your home or go to sleep at night. Burglary is the #1 reason for getting a home security system. The better you are at habitually locking your doors and keeping your alarm system armed whenever you're away from your home or asleep at night, the more peace of mind you will have knowing that you're home and family are protected.
burglary alarm

Home Safety Tip #10

Don't Wait unitil it's too late.
Many victims of home robberies look back and wish they had installed a home security system before hand. Therefore, don't wait until after something happens and get a quote today to get peace of mind and safety for your home and family

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