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Vivint Security When you think of home security companies, you might not think of Vivint, but it is likely that you should. Compared to some of the other established companies that are household names and have been around for decades, Vivint is relatively new. But do not let that scare you away from the company -- it offers top notch security and home integration systems.

Vivint home security began its life in 1997 as APX Alarm Security Solutions, based in Provo, Utah. It changed its name to the more future sounding Vivant in 2011. Vivint has installed more than one million home alarm systems in the United States in its history. It currently has more than 675,000 satisfied customers.

burglar alarm system Vivint has a mission to integrate all of the functions of your home, allowing you to operate them from a control panel in your house or remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. While it is obviously convenient, it also keeps your house more secure and could reduce your energy costs.

It all begins with Vivint wireless home security, an alarm system that protects your home and family from would-be intruders. Vivint has window and door sensors use infrared technology to detect motion, just in case anyone breaks into your house. You can include video surveillance and those, too, can detect motion. The sensors and cameras trip the alarm and notify the monitoring center that danger could be in your house. The monitor will then notify police.

Standard Vivint home alarm systems also come with smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors to further protect your house and your family from danger.

Vivint security can also automate your entire house. It can hook up your thermostat, lighting and door locks to the system, enabling you to control those functions from your central control panel or from your mobile devices.

You can also sign up for severe weather alerts, telling you when tornadoes or other sudden storm systems are making their way to your area. This feature of the Vivint alarm system could give you extra time to prepare your house for the impending storm, as well as time to evacuate your house or at least get to a safer place in your house.

Comparing Vivint to competitors is as simple as going on the Internet. Just visit the website U.S. Home Security Quotes to compare the services Vivant provides to those of other top security companies. In addition to tailoring a system to your specific needs, you can also compare the prices, so you can find a system that fits into your budget. You can also find Vivint deals on the Vivint website.

In these difficult economic times, it is tempting to skimp on certain items. An alarm system should not be one of those things. Whether you choose Vivint or one of the other companies out there, it is important that you get some kind of protection. Sure it will cost you some money, but can you really put a price on keeping yourself, your family, your home and your possessions safe? Having just sold for over 2 Billion dollars, it proves that Vivint brings you great quality products.

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