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Almost every day in the news you read or hear a story of a home break-in; sometimes it is only property that is taken, sometimes it is a more tragic story in which a homeowner is hurt or even killed by a robber. You are sufficiently scared enough that you have decided it is time to invest in an alarm system for your house. In this day and age, you might want to opt for a wireless alarm system.

In the old days, someone would have to come to your house and run wires all over the place, busting holes in the walls and ceilings to install your system. Fortunately, such destruction of your house is a thing of the place, wireless home security is the way to go.

burglar alarm system In wireless home alarm systems, sensors are placed at various strategic places around the house, near doors, windows and other entry points. When these sensors pick up any motion, they send a wireless signal to a control panel in your house, tripping the alarm. In addition to sounding a piercing alarm that would hopefully scare off the intruder, a phone call is automatically placed to a monitoring center. The operator will call you, and if you tell them that there is indeed an unwanted person in your house, he or she will call the police.

One advantage of wireless home security is that a robber will not be able to simply cut your wires and disable your system. That was a common tactic in hard wired alarm systems.

Another advantage is that you could install wireless home alarm systems yourself. It is just a matter of putting the sensors on the walls and connecting the control panel to the electricity and a phone line. In the past, it was a difficult and involved job to wire up your entire house, especially if you do not have an attic or basement in which to run the wires.

Some systems do not even need a phone line. Since so many people have eliminated their home phones in favor of just a cell phone, they have come up with digital wireless security for homes. In these systems, the phone call to the monitoring center is placed digitally using cell technology.

If you choose, you can protect your house from more than just burglars and robbers. A wireless fire alarm system can be included in your security system. In the case of fire, a signal can be sent to the monitor, who would then call the fire department for you. Within minutes, firefighters would arrive on the scene to save your house.

How do you start shopping for the best wireless alarm system for you? Well, you can begin by visiting a website called U.S. Home Security Quotes. There, you will be able to compare the services offered by many security companies. You can check their prices and options, to choose the company that can best protect you and your family from people out to harm you.

In addition to wireless security, mobile home alarm system and cellular alarms are picking up steam. You can now set your alarm or check your alarm system all from your palm of your hands in your cell phone. Times are changing, and staying secure in the digital age is a priority. Try being notified on your phone through a slick application if there is a security breach in your home. Sounds like the TV Show 24, but its actually out there and real. Get a free quote on wireless, mobile, and cellular home security systems in 2013.

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